Some of my biggest projects:

Exomem - High performance, high reliability file synchronization. Under early development.
DotA-GC - Well-organized community platform for DotA players. In archive mode since 2013.
Lopya - The second system. Community platform for Dota 2. Under (slow) development since 2012.

Some of my small projects:

Brahe - Multi-directory equality verifier.
Convert - Playlist converter. (m3u -> m3u8)
Lyhis - Milkdrop visualization preset manager.
Patriot - Pixel art bot.
react-universal-dialog - Responsive React dialog library.

Open source projects I've contributed to:

appengine - Canonical Google App Engine library for Go.
BStream - Bit stream library for Go.
DefinitelyTyped - TypeScript type definitions.
easyjson - Very fast JSON serializer for Go.
Featherlight - jQuery lightbox plugin.
Goon - Google App Engine Datastore access library for Go.
ios-html5-drag-drop-shim - Mobile HTML5 drag & drop.
OpenHoldem - Poker AI framework for battling with real money.
openid-go - OpenID 2.0 consumer library for Go.
securecookie - Secure cookie library for Go. (Fork)
XLSX - Microsoft Excel file format library for Go.
xxhash - Go implementation of xxHash.

.. and beyond!

I've done quite a bit of contract work over the years. Some of it under NDA, some of it just closed source work that's no longer publicly available.
I also worked 2 years as the lead programmer on Frokk, a social network startup.
There are a bunch of smaller personal projects that I haven't gotten around to open source yet. Hopefully some day.